The Xdev Handbook

The Xdev Handbook exists to serve as documentation of how we work and what is expected from us. This is not meant to be a top-down declaration, but rather a document that is crafted and tailored by the Team to develop and share our best practices. This book is where team members can go to know how to work with each other, and it is where external collaborators should go to learn how to work with the Xdev Team.

Whether you are a core Xdev developer or a university scientist collaborating with the Xdev Team, this handbook is your guide to everything Xdev! This book details how we work, where we work, how we conduct ourselves when we work, how we stay in touch with each other, and what is expected from each of us.

On the next page, we’ll talk about what is expected from each of us.

You own this book!

If something we are doing seems like it’s not working for you, then feel free to submit a pull request to change this document! This document needs to stay up-to-date and complete to be useful, and it’s our responsibility as a Team to make sure that is so.