What we expect

As a member of the Xdev Team or as an external collaborator working with the Xdev Team, these are the basic expectations that we have of each other.

This book is TRUTH

As a member of the Xdev Team, you are expected to help keep this book correct and up-to-date. If anything seems outdated, or no longer correct, you are expected to create a GitHub Issue to notify the team of the problem. If you have time, create a pull request to fix it! If a process we are using seems to not be working for us, or an expectation seems too much to ask, suggest a change to this document or bring it up at the next Xdev Meeting.

Follow the Code of Conduct

Whether you are a member of Xdev or an external collaborator, you are expected to follow our Code of Conduct. This is not meant to be a burden. We simply expect you to be kind and gracious when working with others, both within the Team or with external collaborators. The goal here is not to make our work more difficult by placing hurdles for you to overcome! Rather, the goal is to be explicit in saying to each other and to external collaborators that you are welcome and that your contributions have value.

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Our Code of Conduct

Be a GitHub Guru

Everything related to Xdev should be done on GitHub, if at all possible! GitHub is where we work. We use GitHub to share with the Team what we plan to do by using GitHub Issues and GitHub Projects. We use GitHub to share with the Team what we are currently working on using GitHub Pull Requests. We engage with the entire Team using GitHub Team Discussions. As a member of the Xdev Team, or as a collaborator working with the Xdev Team, you are expected to interact with the team as much as possible on GitHub, following the practices describing in the How we use GitHub section of this handbook.

Unfortunately, not everything can be done on GitHub. We understand that, and you should conduct our Communication Guide for how to use other platforms and forms of communication that are not GitHub.

Meetings are for engagement

The Xdev Team holds weekly office hours and team meetings. Additionally, the Xdev Team and Xdev Stakeholders (see Xdev Governance) meet on a regular basis. Core team members meet on a weekly basis for synchronous discussions related to our projects and other team activity. The broader stakeholder community meets with the core team on a less frequent basis (TBD) to discuss past accomplishments, the current status of the team, and future plans. If you are an Xdev core team member, you are expected to attend all of these meetings, barring vacation, conflicting high-priority meetings, etc. If you are an Xdev Stakeholder, we hope you will join us at these meetings when you can attend.

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Xdev Meetings

Be honest about how much you can do

We know that nobody in Xdev can contribute all of their time to Xdev work. Even core team members have other duties and commitments to other things, ranging from the basic requirements of work (e.g., annual performance assessments, required training) to commitments to externally funded projects. To that end, core team members are expected to clearly communicate to the rest of the team the level of commitment that you expect to be able to deliver over the next week at the Xdev Weekly Meeting.

Don’t panic!

It’s okay to say you can’t contribute during a week! Life happens! Remember that it is more important to simply share with each other your availability and how much other people can expect of you. Nobody will judge you negatively if you can’t contribute 100% in a given week. (If you are on vacation, we may be jealous, though.)

Daily Standups

Every morning, each member of the core Xdev Team is expected to let everyone else know what Xdev-related activities you plan to work on that day via GitHub Team Discussions. If you don’t plan on doing anything Xdev-related, or you can’t do anything Xdev-related, then you do not need to post anything.

Office Hours & Zulip Q&A

In addition to Office Hours (mentioned above), we also monitor the NCAR Zulip organization. Xdev is expected to help answer questions on Zulip when you can, in addition to attending Office Hours when you have no other conflicts. If you don’t know the answer to a question, and nobody is answering, take the time to try to find the answer. If you know the answer, or have an idea, take the time to help out.

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NCAR Zulip